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About Kenny Richards: Kenny is 15 years old and is currently a Life Scout in Boys Scouts working towards his Eagle rank. Diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome himself, in 2011 Kenny was selected as a Youth Ambassador with the National Tourette Syndrome Association. Since then he has been busy traveling to different schools and organizations giving presentations on Tourette Syndrome Awareness. Also in 2011, Kenny started a support group with his Mom reaching out to families with special needs. In 2012 he was awarded the National Zak Hollis Youth Achievement Award and inducted into the Library of Congress via the Congressional Record for his efforts in advocating for children with TS. He enjoys volunteering for his church, working out, football, golf, swimming, camping, hunting, playing video games with his Grandpa, the outdoors, and spending time with his friends and pets.

About Carla Richards: Carla is a military wife of 20 years to her husband Jeffrey. They have two boys Kenny & Cody. Kenny has been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome (as mentioned above) and Cody has been diagnosed with an Autistic Specturm Disorder. In 2010 she was crowned Mrs. Washington. Her platform as Mrs. Washington was and still is "Embracing the Special Needs Child" (www.mrswashington2010carlarichards.com). Passionate about being her children's number one advocate and helping other families do the same, she serves as a Kenny's co-leader to a special needs support group. She is a full-time Mom and Group Fitness Instructor with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science from Eastern Washington University. Her hobbies include working out, dance, running, golf, snuggling with her boys and volunteer work.

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  1. Hi Carla,

    I’m following up on the message I sent you regarding the T-Forward and T-Force Green Studies, which are currently enrolling patients living with Tourette syndrome. We want to provide patients with information about this study opportunity as well as spread the word for Tourette syndrome.

    I hope you will consider sharing this information with your audience. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me at pmeckler@gopraxis.com.